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Featured Video. Dr. Jeffrey Albaugh, Director of the William D. and Pamela Hutul Ross Clinic for Sexual Health, discusses what to expect at your first appointment. Female Sexual Health Videos; Male Sexual Health Videos

2. Sex Education Needs to Happen Early – Before the Media Steps In. The key, these advocates note, is providing comprehensive sex education early, before men and women alike are indoctrinated with harmful messages about sex by the media.

Oct 04, 2018 · Adult film actress Tasha Reign discusses the importance of consent and sexual education with HLN’s Carol Costello.

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Apr 26, 2012 · A 1957 video teaching sex education aimed at teenage mans, with the coach as authority figure and teacher. This is a great video for parents who are are embarrassed about teaching their s about

The male reproductive system is quite complicated. It involves many different parts that work together to work properly. The system includes the Cowper’s Gland, the Epididymis, the Ductus Deferens, the Seminal Vesicle, Urethra, Prostate and, of course, the testes and the penis.

Continued "Neighborhoods like ours where men are so underserved need a place like this," says Bruce Armstrong, DSW, the clinic’s founder and director.

America and comprehensive sex education have never been friends. Abstinence-only has been the modus operandi of most colleges since before the Bush administration which has now led to the US winning gold in the highest teen birth rate and one of the highest rate …

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Dec 16, 2012 · When word initially got out about Kink’s new sex-ed classes, it inspired a flurry of scandalized media reports from around the world, without any …

Sex Education. Despite its reference to sex, “sexual health” is not the sexiest of terms — we know. It conveys images of STD tests, hospital gowns and poking and prodding in unpleasant places.

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There is a glaring absence of comprehensive sex education in the United States. And when it comes to men and women who are same-sex inclined, the curriculum is nonexistent.

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