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Many teens who miss sleep suffer with irritability, mood swings, and even depression. Sleep deprivation also affects your complexion, your health, and your weight. (Some studies link sleeping less with an increased risk of obesity.) Too little sleep can also make people more likely to suffer injuries and have auto accidents.

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Read about sleep and sleep disorders in infants, toddlers, ren, and teenagers. Healthy sleep habits and good sleep hygiene can play a big role in a ‘s life. Types of sleep disorders include sleep deprivation, night walking, separation anxiety, and parasomnias.

Causes of Sleep Problems Sleep problems can be caused by various factors. Although causes may differ, the end result of all sleep disorders is that the body’s natural cycle of slumber and daytime

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There are many conditions, diseases, and disorders that can cause sleep disturbances. In many cases, sleep disorders develop as a result of an underlying health problem.

Over time, nights of missed sleep (whether they’re caused by a sleep disorder or simply not scheduling enough time for the necessary ZZZs) can build into a sleep deficit (or sleep debt). Teens with a sleep deficit can’t concentrate, study, or work effectively.

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10 percent of teens. Sleep disorders may range from insufficient sleep, insomnia and sleepwalking to sleep apnea, restless legs and narcolepsy. These disorders not only be the cause of sleep disorders, but the result as well. Therefore, it is not surprising that psychological, cognitive and behavioral interven-

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Affects of teen sleep disorders. Teenagers with sleeping disorders are affected by more than just feeling drowsy. The feelings of fatigue that come with teen sleep disorders can affect various aspects of life. Sleeping during class can affect academic performance. Additionally, feeling tired can make it difficult to participate in extracurricular activities, especially sports. Falling asleep at a part-time job can also …

Causes for their lack of sleep include the following: Rapidly changing bodies; Busy schedules; Active social lives; A wrong view of sleep; Teen sleep problems can begin long before they turn 13. The sleep habits and changing bodies of 10 to 12-year-olds have a close link to the teen years. The sleep patterns of teens are also firmly set in their lives.

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Sleep Disorder Causes and Risk Factors. Sleep problems can stem from a range of things, from age to weight, illness to stress, and more. Identifying what’s at the root can help you find a solution.

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