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A group relations conference is an accelerated learning experience or ‘real time’ learning laboratory and reflective space, designed to enable participants to understand in greater depth the factors behind the exercise of effective leadership and to broaden and deepen their own leadership capacity and the leadership potential of others, by

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Group Relations is a method of study, training and development that was developed by the pioneers of the Tavistock Institute including Ken Rice, Eric Miller, Pierre Turquet, Isobel Menzies-Lyth and Gordon Lawrence.

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Group relations training also offers exciting possibilities as an alternative mode for training and development in fields such as diversity (Cilliers & May, 2002; DCT, 2000). The group relations training model accepts group behaviour to be both conscious and unconscious

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Labor Relations Training Courses Attorneys, L/ER specialists, union representatives and arbitrators have a lot they need to understand about the current and pending policy changes with permissive bargaining in federal labor unions.

A T-group or training group (sometimes also referred to as sensitivity-training group, human relations training group or encounter group) is a form of group training where participants themselves (typically, between eight and 15 people) learn about themselves (and about small group processes in general)

The employee relations training programs offered by Vibrant are customized to incorporate the client’s employee relations policies and practices. Exercises and case studies reflect the client’s work environment and the typical situations employees and managers face on the job.

Programs Providing Training in Group Relations; Advanced Degrees; Firms or Organizations Offering Psychoanalytically Informed Research and/or Consultancy; Home Training Courses & Group Relations Conferences (list) 1. Group Relations Conferences 2017 2. Training Courses (coming soon) – see within Talks & Events section .

Group relations is a method of study and training in the way people perform their roles in the groups and systems to which they belong. These can be work groups, teams or organisations, or less formal social groups.

It provides accurate and up-to-date information about the theory behind group relations, people and organisations around the world who practise group relations, and group relations conferences and publications. There’s also a discussion forum for debate on the theory, design, research and application of group relations in organisations and

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