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Stewardess claims first-class passengers pay flight attendants for sex. By Becky Pemberton, The Sun. View author archive “One story I heard was a pilot who had a wife at home who got a

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It turned out the flight attendant caught the pair in the middle of a sex act. Flight attendants reveal hilarious stories about mile high club. e-mail; 45. shares. Most watched News videos.

We asked flight attendants from a number of airlines to share their craziest, most NSFW airplane sex stories.

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Confessions of A Real-Life Flight Attendant Flirtatious pilots and sexcapades with passengers make the new show Pan Am seem positively professional.

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OK, here is the story of my friend Martin, and a ‘Cathay teen’. Martin and I worked for the same high tech company in the 80s. Martin was being promoted and was moving from London to Hong Kong.

Travel Past 50 asked career flight attendant, Ann O’Brien Berle, for her perspective on flying, passengers, and changes in the business of air travel. Here are her remarks, barely edited. “I have been a flight attendant for 35 years, managing to survive four mergers. I began with Southern

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13 Real-Life Airplane-Sex Stories That’ll Leave You Speechless. since it had more room, and we had sex. Luckily we weren’t caught. and the other flight attendants and I didn’t realize they

Old pilot tells tales of his flying stories or high college football days "Glory Days" and flight attendant shows pictures of her cats. Then they fall asleep at 7 pm.

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For more than a decade, Mandy Smith was an “international air hostess” for Virgin Atlantic Airways. In her new book, “Cabin Fever” (out Tuesday), she dishes on partying with Virgin mogul

Nov 16, 2015 · (Note: not because flight attendants are having any mid-flight sex, or course, but because they know EXACTLY how you could get away with it.) And then we took their advice and turned it …

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